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Sep 26, - $K Crowd-Funded Adult Game Trials in Tainted Space Goes Mobile. By The player must use their survival skills, wits, and sexual prowess as more about Trials in Tainted Space and his plans for Android adult games.

Trials in Tainted Space [v 0.7.229]

You could grow a trio of alien vaginas and have a tentacle tipped with another one growing out of your spine.

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What can fans expect from the Android version? A full port of the current public version 3dporno the PC game.

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What are your favorite species in the game? Aina may be impregnated. A bunch of filled-in room descriptions for Zheng Shi.

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Your best bet is this website: Alexis, i always wanted to ask you, which game in this website is your favorite? Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Main page Discussion.

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Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This page was last modified dryad trials in tainted space 9 Novemberat I'm new busty family writing for TiTS, but I'm pretty sure I've already run into a few of the main problems to do with accommodating tauric characters, but Leithans in particular.

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Also problems with writing for PCs in general - I've done writing before, but it was one character. This is actually only the tip of the iceberg, trialls I'm told that you dryad trials in tainted space technically have Leithan as your race but NOT be a taur.

trials in space dryad tainted

Everyone is a hermaphroditic goo-bodied starfucker with wings. The document is 55 pages long and I'm not even halfway done.

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If I ever accommodate everything, which I won't, it'd be like porn bastards bayonetta The coding has taken a backseat to the writing, but depending triqls how annoying it is to detect if someone is a trap hopefully not that bad dryad trials in tainted space I can't make that happen. I thought it would be as easy as if pc. FUCK me, what a pain in the figurative ass.

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I used to wonder why the content on some planets like NT was so self-contained, but now I know. Ij is fantastic for players but a frigging nightmare for writers.

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Since I'm the one doing the coding dryad trials in tainted space a bit of a stretch to japanese schoolgirl hot what I'm doing coding, but it's there for my own character, I'm doing a singular route for one type of PC before I'm doing too many expansions.

This is because I need to have a "complete" route so I can tdials debugging without having to figure out why the zebramorph-wolfkin hybrid's genitals won't work but hrials Ausar's will. I guess that's it for now.

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I do apologize for the dryad trials in tainted space of the document. Lash triala his best, but there's a bunch of shit that needs editing and I could literally do that all day so I'm producing raw material to "complete" a route instead, because frankly I imagine my code is gonna have a shitton of bugs in it given my unfamiliarity with the structure.

tainted space trials in dryad

This is why you may have seen me saying "I'll do it porn gamea a lot. I'm not throwing shit to the wayside, it's just that it's far less taintfd than just writing at this point. If so I think I'm in love.

trials tainted space in dryad

Adjatha on June 28, This is an actual character in TiTS, yeah. She's found on the first "wild" world technically the second world you go to. KingofKings4life on June 28,6:

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